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San Ignacio Children Advisory Board teams up with Town Council

The Children Advisory Boards were formed as a part of UNICEF’s child friendly initiative. Over the weekend, the CAB in San Ignacio Santa Elena teamed up with the Town Council. Vanessa Neal is the CAB Rapporteur.

Vanessa Neal – CAB Rapporteur

“As you can see this morning is one of the first activities that the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Child Advisory Board is doing, one of their mini projects with the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council. They are actually painting park areas and pedestrian areas near the police station and around the downtown area of San Ignacio. The children found it necessary for us to be able to have these pedestrian passes and park areas well painted or printed as some of them had mentioned and this morning they are here bright and early from 8am to assist the town council. I must give gratitude to the mayor and the other councilors of this municipality for ensuring that children especially the children of the child advisory board for them to do the project.”

Mayor Earl Trapp welcomed the initiative and said it is part the work that needs to be done as it relates to regularizing traffic in the twin towns.

Mayor Earl Trapp

“Well as we know we have been having some serious congestion with traffic in the down town are as well as problems with parking so we just want to continue keeping our towns in order so if you noticed we had this area painted but it had faded away so we just repainted it so that it is much clearer and if you notice in front of the police station people have been asking for a pedestrian ramp or pedestrian crossing but because of the fact that we have an annual cross country bicycle race here and it would affect the flow of the bicycles we decided not to put a cement pedestrian rather we painted it on, hopefully people will respect the pedestrians as they cross from the police station to that park or vice versa.”

Neal also spoke of the upcoming CAB initiatives.

Vanessa Neal – CAB Rapporteur

“These children being at the forefront of these projects of the municipality and I must say the community as well, they have been there pushing and stating what projects and what work needs to be completed for our twin towns. There are 21 children from different primary schools and high schools. We have the youngest being a five year old Daniela and we have the oldest being 17 years old. At this time we have our CAB president who has to be present at all the activities we have others who are at church at this time so we understand that but the others what they do is that they take turns to do these projects whether it is a mini project or a great project. This is the first one for 2017. In February they are having an activity there at the Welcome Center and they want to join NICH and as well the group there at the Welcome Center and the town council in terms of the Valentine program and of course they want to send their proposals to you so that you can be a part of that that is just the second activity that they are doing in the community. So it’s not only one project they do have a list and they have prioritized as well but like I mentioned before the municipality, the town council, especially the mayor is very much at the forefront of assisting the children. So the children dictate exactly what must be done for our community.”