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San Ignacio Fire Station the subject of much controversy

In a previous newscast we told you of the deplorable conditions that the San Ignacio Fire Station is in and that the Area Representative for Cayo Northeast had gone to social media demanding that the Government of Belize address the situation in an urgent manner.  Minister responsible for the National Fire Service, Edmond Castro had noted to the public that the station would be relocated behind the Centre for Employment Training in San Ignacio and that the biggest challenge would be the money.  Well, it turns out there is more to it than just a relocation and funds.  Minister Castro has noted to the media that part of the issue has to do with land which the PUP Area Representative, Orlando Habet has been living on.

Edmond Castro Minister with Responsibility for National Fire Service: “I was informed that he would half the land, the land that he now sits on and built his house was a part of the Fire Department Land. The portion that was left for them is inadequate, it’s not enough space for them to maneuver any trucks or to do anything at all so we have located half an acre or two acres of land around the CET area somewhere behind CET that they will have the adequate space for them to move to so in the process of trying to relocate.

Love News contacted Habet and he noted that as far as he knows that is not the case.  He added that he had bought land which once housed the Government’s Rest House that was put out for bid.  He said he paid about fifty four thousand dollars plus survey costs.