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San Ignacio Mayor Clears Up Rumors on Plans for City Hall

In San Ignacio Town one of the landmarks in that municipality is the structure that once housed the Town Hall.  As of this week, however, the building is no more as it is being demolished.  Of course, such a move will raise questions and PUP’s Michel Chebat has introduced those questions recently on social media, requesting a report from Mayor Earl Trapp.  Love News spoke with Chebat today and heard his concerns.


“We are very much concerned because there has been no public disclosure as to who actually purchased the building and for how much it was sold and it is a public building and its public money and I think that the public has a right to have some accounting or some disclosure as to exactly what they are doing with the funds and so forth. We know that the building was actually built through the Baron Bliss Trust Fund, what we don’t know if the board of directors or the trustees of the fund had even given permission for the building to be sold, those are matters that we are still investigating. In terms of the contract similarly there has been no public disclosure as to who the contract was given to, we are not aware that there was any public bidding carried out to select a contractor and so that is another concern for us. We would like to know who got the contract to build and at what cost the new building will be constructed. That building has been there since I was a child and certainly it is a landmark in the town, it’s one of the major sights in the town. One of the things we had hoped would have become of the building we were hoping that it would have been transformed into a museum.”

We also got in contact with Mayor Earl Trapp who was more than willing to send us photos of the progress being made in the construction of the New Town Hall.  He also showed no hesitance in responding to Chebat’s questions.


“I have heard or have seen basically certain criticism on a Facebook page from Michelle Chebat and basically it’s a shame. It’s not like I woke up one morning and decided to sell the town hall, this has been a process that we have been going through, a process that we have had a consultation with the people and we had put out the sale of the property out to tender and basically Atlantic Bank won the bid and they offered $550,000 and that is what we are using to compliment the loan that we are doing to build the new town hall. It will host all the offices for the town council and we will at the same building upstairs we will have a municipal court and we will have additional offices of which we hope to have hopefully GST, Human Development and I’m not sure if we will have enough space for the post office but we are hoping to have the post office there as well. The contract was signed at $1.7 million dollars and this is the thing right some people commented on the same page that that was a project from the Baron Bliss Trust Fund and that is false. What they are mistaking with the town hall with is the old market. It is the old market that is now the library here in San Ignacio beside the river that is a project from the Baron Bliss Trust Fund but the old town hall no that wasn’t from a trust fund.”

The construction contract of the town hall structure for San Ignacio was awarded to J and J Construction with lead contractor being Enrique Rosado.  The new building is being built at the site of the town’s old hospital and is scheduled to be finished by August 2017 at a cost of one point seven million dollars.