San Ignacio Mayor Under Fire for Alleged Overreach

San Ignacio Mayor Under Fire for Alleged Overreach

San Ignacio/Santa Elena Mayor, Earl Trapp reportedly overstepped his authority when he gave permission for a business to construct two soakaways in the Macal community park.  The authorization was given via a letter to the owner of the Guava Limb Restaurant, to remedy the errors made in the construction of the septic tanks on Burns Avenue.  The letter from Mayor Trapp was dated February 1.  Fast forward today, and Mayor Trapp has been scolded by the Interim Director of the Central Building Authority, Evondale Moody.  In a letter dated today, Moody wrote to Mayor Trapp, stating, quote, “Acting on numerous complaints from the community, the CBA conducted a site visit and the Inspectors found two soakaways that were completely constructed. No construction plans were submitted for reference so proper sizing could not be checked. Nevertheless, the soakaways appeared to be operational.  By this action you overstepped your authority; it was irresponsible.”  End of quote.  Correspondent Eliu Yacab met up with Trapp on the campaign trail this afternoon.  According to Trapp, it’s not that big of a deal.

Earl Trapp, Mayor, Santa Elena and San Ignacio: “We had a conversation through the chat group in my council and one of the council members said “But mayor what is the hold up ? Why can’t we help this businessman ? It is a genuine concern and why can’t we go through and deal with it ?” In that light I said “Sir let’s go and deal with it.” So the business owner deal with it. Now all of a sudden Department of Environment is getting involved in this matter which has, in my humble opinion, nothing to do with them because this is a park of the council. It’s nothing that has been affecting the community, everything is environmentally friendly so at this time I mean I had a meeting with the residents in Burns Avenue the past Sunday and yes while we discussed maybe one or two upset because we did not have full consultation but yes we agreed we will go forward with this and in the near future anything that has to do with the park we have to take it through a consultation. So at this point when I see the letters from Department of Environment and the other one that comes from Central Building Authority connected to Ministry of Infrastructure Development when I see this I see pure political mischief.”

The letter from Director Moody continues to state that this is not the first infraction of this kind that Mayor Trapp has done.  According to Moody, due to the multiple infractions, he is now contemplating to decertify the San Ignacio/San Elena Building Unit because of this hasty decision. Love News understands that the unit was decertified before due to a similar move by Mayor Trapp.

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