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San Ignacio Police investigate murder

Police in San Ignacio are investigating the murder of 58-year-old Pedro Garcia nationalized Belizean of Arenal Village in Cayo. His body was discovered yesterday evening at around 3 o’clock in an open lot in the Lynette Perdomo Layout area in the vicinity of the San Ignacio Community Hospital. Deputy Commander of San Ignacio Police, Inspector Reymundo Reyes, shared how Garcia was murdered.

Inspector Reymundo Reyes – Deputy Commander, San Ignacio Police

“Police visited the area where on arrival they saw the motionless body of a Hispanic male person lying in a face up position and his clothing stained with blood. Closer inspection of the body revealed that the person had several chop wounds to the back of his head, to his back and both hands. Police conducted a preliminary investigation, canvassed the area but we did not obtain much information at the scene but because of a cell phone that the gentleman had in his pocket we managed to contact the Guatemalan Council and they assisted us in getting some sort of information which made us proceed to Arenal we located a female and we brought her the hospital to see if she could identify the body which was done and we learned that the gentleman’s body was Pedro Garcia, 58 years old of Arenal Village.


“Can you say if investigators have so far been able to reach any leads or find out anything in regards to motive?”

Inspector Reymundo Reyes – Deputy Commander, San Ignacio Police

“At this moment we do not know what is the motive of this murder. The investigation is ongoing because we the police are still wondering how Mr.Garcia arrived at that set location so there are a lot of questions that need to be answered but we are on the ground in Arenal trying to get information and see how best we could solve this case.”

Police have no leads at the moment.