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San Ignacio Police Investigates Arson

A man lost his business to a fire last night in Santa Familia Village, Cayo.  Last night Manuel Humes was alerted that his business place, Ego Rio Bar was on fire. Humes and those in the area were unsuccessful in extinguishing the fire and was not able to salvage anything.  The head of Crime Investigation Branch in San Ignacio, Inspector Jaime Gonzalez gave Love News the details.


“On the first of June 2016 at around 7:50pm we received information of a bar engulfed in fire in Santa Familia Village. As a result both the police and the fire department visited the establishment namely Ego Rio Bar in the said village Santa Familia and upon arrival they saw a wooden structure engulfed in flames. The owner, Manuel Humes, reported that at about 6:30pm he went to drop off some stuff and he turned off all the electrical appliances and left the place secure. He returned half an hour later and he was informed his bar was on fire. He went to check and he did see that his bar was on fire. He and others attempted to out the fire but it was fruitless. The size of the bar is thirty feet in diameter, a wooden structure with thatch roof and it’s valued at twenty thousand dollars.”

As mentioned, the building was made of thatch and wood. Earlier this week we reported that the Cayo police were looking for two men who were going around burning thatch buildings. We asked Inspector Gonzalez if they believe the two fires are related.


“We believe it was separate. At this moment we are looking for a suspect. He is from Santa Familia village so we believe it is not an incident that is related to the last one here in San Ignacio. We believe it is a case of arson.”

Police have one suspect that they are looking for.