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San Pedranos Share Their Experiences on the Jab

And while the police will be ready to respond to any riots as a result of this difference of opinion on vaccines, there are many people who are participating in the Ministry of Health’s vaccination drive. Reporter Vejea Alvarez was in San Pedro Town this weekend where he spoke with residents on how they feel about the jab. One resident told us that it was his way of helping the economy bounce back, while another said that he was confident that the jab will help people.

Reporter:  Have you been vaccinated ? 

Resident: “Yes I have been vaccinated. I’ve actually had the two doses already.”

Reporter: Why did you feel that it was important to get vaccinated ? 

Resident: “Well it’s important to get vaccinated because you want to control the spread of the virus and at the same time we want to open our country to the tourism sector and if we can do it then we’re in a better shape.”

Reporter: How important was it for you as a San Pedrano given that this is one of the main tourism destinations at this point ?

Resident: “Well as a San Pedrano I personally encourage everybody to come out and take the vaccination and we need to be safe, we need to safeguard our families. You know we have our loved ones at home and we need to take that initiative in order for us to be able to keep our people safe. And part of this campaign is excellent because it’s gonna empower us to be good. We’re gonna be safe.”

Reporter: Why did you feel it was important to get yourself vaccinated ? 

Resident: “Well first of all because I was not aware first of what was going on until people started to tell me that it’s a serious virus that could kill the people so to prevent myself from those kinds of sickness well I had to take it. I’ve been vaccinated two times and I let the public know the vaccine really works.”

Love News also spoke with a golden citizen who says that he merely wants to be an example for his community. Another man says he looks at it on a security perspective.

Reporter: Have you been vaccinated ?

Resident: “Yes I have. I’ve actually received both vaccinations. “

Reporter: Speak to me about why you felt it was important to do so.

Resident: “Well being in the public as I am with the various ministries and things that I do I think it was of utmost importance for my own protection as well as for the general population and I’m over the age bracket where I’m susceptible and so I would number one get it for myself and then to prevent others from getting any type of covid from me as well as being an example to the community. “

Reporter: Have you been vaccinated ?

Resident: “Yes sir.”

Reporter:  Why did you feel it was important to do so ? 

Resident: “Because it’s good. It’s good because it’s good to know yourself and take those because it’s good for your body in a way because when I took it it made me feel bad yes, it made me get a little sick but it’s good for a purpose and reason secure your life.”

As of Monday, July 12, one hundred and seven thousand six hundred and seventeen persons or twenty-five percent of Belizeans have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and thirty-nine thousand four hundred and sixty-three persons or nine percent had been fully vaccinated.