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San Pedro Child Returns; Social Services Investigate Following Abduction

7-year-old, Hamy Alena Reyes was handed over to Social Services earlier today after a family friend took her to the San Ignacio Police Station just before ten o’clock this morning.  The child was reportedly taken from San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, by the maternal grandmother.  Investigators on the island had found out that the grandmother felt compelled to take the child on Sunday, June 4 because the she was not being adequately cared for and the mother is frequently under the influence of alcohol.  The grandmother, Maria Quixchan was not the one who took the child to the police station but rather a family friend.  According to police, they will wait until an investigation is completed by the Department of Social Services before determining if they will lay charges against the grandmother.  Interestingly, the child’s mother has since gone into the police station to say she does not wish to pursue charges against her mother for taking the child.  According to San Pedro Police, this is the second child that the grandmother has taken away from the woman; the first child she took away is now sixteen years old.  The child was left at the sitter around eight o’clock on Saturday night before going out and had returned for her on Sunday morning at around eleven o’clock.  It was then that she was informed that the child went with her grandmother.  When the woman went to make checks where her mother, Maria Quixchan was staying she was told that her mother left for Guatemala.