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San Pedro family in mourning

A San Pedro family is distraught after their missing family member was discovered floating in the sea in a state of decomposition. Today 18-year-old Michael Cobo was buried in San Pedro Town.

A San Pedro family is distraught after their missing family member was discovered floating in the sea in a state of decomposition. Today 18-year-old Michael Cobo was buried in San Pedro Town. Our correspondent Jorge Aldana spoke to the grieving mother at the funeral and filed the following report.

Those were the words of the song written by Michael Reyes Cobo who spent ten months in jail before he was freed from a murder charge along with two others earlier this year and today Michael’s song blasted loud as his remains were escorted then laid to rest at the burial ground on Ambergris Caye. The 18 year old Cobo, a resident of the San Mateo area of San Pedro Town, was found floating near the Port of Belize Limited in the Yarborough area of Belize City. After he was last seen a live on the night of Friday November 29th. His mother Margarita Chi said that he went to a party with someone he considered a brother whom he met and became friends with while in prison. She explained that she became worried for the safety of her son when he would not reply to her texts or calls, something that was unusual of Cobo. According to Chi after trying to make contact multiple times with the friend Michael’s brother traveled on Sunday to Belize City where he visited the friend in search of answers. Chi said the friend denied having seen her son but until when a video chat was produced to the family showing Michael socializing with the same friend who denied knowledge of his whereabouts.

Margarita Chi, Mother of Michael Cobo: “When he reached he called me, he was crying, he said ‘Mommy those boys said Michael never reached.’ I told him that is a lie because somebody came to my house that heard my daughter put on Sunday that her brother went missing, she came to tell me and that “that is a lie because I had a face talk with Michael on the phone and Michael said he was at a party.” So I asked her what time that was and she checked the time and it was nine o’clock in the night Friday. I told her I didn’t believe so I asked her what kind of clothes Michael had on and she told me she had on a blue undershirt with a big weed leaf on the front and that was Michael’s favorite shirt and a black three quarter Dickies. So I asked her how she knew and she told me ‘mom’, because all those young girls call me mom,  she said “he had the phone like it was set on the wall and he was dancing.”, because he was showing that he was partying because he agreed with this person like his sister. So she said she knows he was with someone because two boys that she didn’t know showed up where Michael was dancing and suddenly a big face showed up in the camera with a white t-shirt.”

Chi explained that Michael was a constant target and bullied by the same police, something that caused him to turn into a different person. 

Margarita Chi, Mother of Michael Cobo: He can’t even come out in San Pedro to enjoy themselves because the GSU is looking to grab them and beat them up and the criminals are free. The GSU went to my house two times, after my son came out from jail they had been behind him like they were looking for fish, like they were looking to strike a big fish. They stripped me and my daughter in law that was pregnant nearly eight and a half months, soon had baby, search us for drugs in our vaginas, searched my house for guns as if we are criminals and the criminals are right out there free killing innocent people. So how do you believe we can trust in the police, in the GSU? That when they went to my house the first thing they asked is who Michael Cobo is the first time they went and when they didn’t find anything and were leaving one of them commented that he was mad that he didn’t find anything, he told my son “I’m mad that I didn’t find anything so I could take you in back.”

While the family says that the police system curbed her son into becoming a street victim they are hoping that her son’s killer is brought to justice. 

Margarita Chi, Mother of Michael Cobo: I believe my son deserves justice, that who did this the last person to find him they should hold him and question him because why, that is my question why. That is my question, why did they did that, kowing that in ten months my son got to know him and love him like a brother that he used to tell me when I cook that I should take for the other young man because this family didn’t come to visit him.”

The family provided the media and police with the name of friend who Michael was with at the time of his disappearance but because of the investigation the name is being withheld.