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San Pedro OC gives update on accused rapist

24 year Adan Cantun, a resident of San Pedro was arraigned and charged with rape after he allegedly raped a woman early Sunday morning. The 26-year-old waitress was walking on Sea Star Street in San Pedro when she was attacked by Cantun. Superintendent Reymundo Reyes, the OC of the San Police Formation told us that checks are often made on individuals who have been convicted of crimes when they return to the island. Cantun had previously been detained for an unrelated crime.

Sup. Reymundo Reyes OC San Pedro PO: “A female reported that while she was walking on the street nearby the Polyclinic this guy just came out from where they have a culvert,  pulled her in and then had sexual intercourse with her against her will so he has been charged for that crime and has been remanded to the Kolbe Foundation.”

Jose Sanchez: “Was this someone that had previous interactions with the Police Department?”

Sup. Reymundo Reyes OC San Pedro PO: “He was I believe convicted for the the crime of burglary in the north but was on parole after a three year or four year conduct, they give you parole and that is what we are looking at also in whether his parole time had already exhausted or he has to continued to spend the balance of time.”

Jose Sanchez: “ Looking into the background of former convicts or keeping checks on them is this something that the Police Department does?”

Sup. Reymundo Reyes OC San Pedro PO: “We always try to monitor people because especially when we see the increase of crime, like for right now we could say that we have burglaries under control but if by tomorrow we start to see that we have one, two then we go back and check our records on who has been released from prison or are they somebody that we have to look at and study because the criminals usually do crime at a certain pattern and they don’t change. They leave that as a fingerprint for us so we do study the movements of these individuals when they are released.”

Superintendent Reyes says that they are also checking to see if Cantun was still under parole at the time of this incident.