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Milo Paz junior had worn many hats on Ambergris Caye. Born into a political family, Paz junior once served of the P.U.P. Belize Rural South Constituency. Paz was well known and well-loved throughout the community in San Pedro Town. Paz also took wings and was a veteran pilot who flew over the years for Tropic Air. Paz was on time off from Tropic Air and was doing a private job in Panama when the plane he was in, allegedly crashed. For hours it wasn’t clear if Paz had passed away, as his family did not wish to address the rumors in public. But this morning President of Tropic Air, John Grief the third, alleged that he had died in Panama.

John Grief 3rd President Tropic Air: “I was moved to tears, it was actually on the flight over here that I found out. Milo and I grew up together as little kids playing sand Milo over in the sand the streets of San Pedro and he is an aviation pioneer. He owned his owned his own airplane and was one of the pioneers in San Pedro Tikal Day Tour so in those days Tropic and Milo would take a load of passengers to Tikal, wait all day with them and then bring them back and he was one of the pioneers in that. He was a smart  businessman, he was involved in money changing at one time before the rules changed and he was on time off from Tropic and we just got confirmation that confirms that he is dead in a plane crash on that side. We have kind of a makeshift memorial at the municipal but I dont think its really up to standards so for Milo we might start something new. All of our employees have a life insurance policy that will be paid to whoever he nominated in that policy.”

Reporter:Even though he wasn’t flying for Tropic?”

John Grief 3rd President Tropic Air: “That’s correct.”

Reporter:What do you know of the details of what transpired?”

John Grief 3rd President Tropic Air: Absolutely nothing, I just got off the plane and I was trying to get some information on the flight over but the only thing we got was something official from the Panamanian government stating that Milo Paz’s body had been discovered so.”

Reporter: This was a private charter yes?”

John Grief 3rd President Tropic Air: Milo was on time off, I am not sure what he was doing or who he was working for at the time. We do that a lot, we’ve had our Director of Operations take some time off in Colombia to train some pilots and push flying. It may have been something similar to that.”