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San Pedro Police officers use excessive force on civilian and its caught on video

Two police officers are on suspension for seven days and are being investigated for their role in the beat down of at least one man on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. This follows the publication of a video that went viral on social media on the night of January one. The incident is reported to have happened at Playa Bar and Grill in San Pedro Town. The top brass of the department has not relayed the details of what led to this incident but Love News understands that the person who was beaten was being physically violent with his ex-girlfriend inside the establishment.  The owner, Aldo Marin, reportedly tried to intervene and that was when he too, was assaulted.  Police were called out to the area and their response was what was caught on camera after the young man had also assaulted the police officers.

Dalilah Ical: “The now viral video shows police officer Tyrell Roley attached to the San Pedro Police formation hitting a civilian who was faced down on the ground and who he would later detained. Seconds after Roley delivers a forceful kick to the individuals face. The incident was captured by bystanders in at least two angles. Another angle shows the force of officer Roley’s kick as it landed on the civilians face, he then shoves off a man who seems to try to had intervened, pulls out his firearm, walks towards the man and kicks him, he then tucks his gun away and as this happened a man in a white shirt is seen delivering another kick to the civilian. Love News understands that man is the owner of Play bar and grill. A second officer Samir Medina is seen in the video assisting Roley. He does not intervene when Roley kicks the man in a red shirt. Medina is seen subduing another man, steps over the first individual and subdues a third man. At this time the man who received the kick remained motionless, officer Roley then grabs one of his arms and forcefully pulls him over and handcuffs him. He then places his right foot over the individuals back and the other two men were also subdued. Acting Commissioner of Police said that the Department has launched a criminal and internal investigation into the incident.

DCP CHester Williams: “A video that is circulating on Facebook with two police officers and a civilian who were beating on two individuals who seemingly were on the ground. I can tell you that we have since placed those two officers on administrative leave pending a criminal and internal investigation which is being conducted by professional standard branch. The conduct depicted by the video is not what we expect of our officers and so the Belize Police Department condemns the actions of those two officers in the strongest term and we are going to ensure that we will do what needs to be done to correct the problem. We understand the public’s concern about the actions of the police and we will ensure that we will work with those persons who are there to be able to provide the level of evidence that we will need to be able to levy charges against those two police officers.

Dalilah Ical: “At the time of the press brief Acting Commissioner Chester Williams said that investigators were still gathering information on the incident. Later in the day both officer PC number 19 Samir Medina and PC number 2287 Tyrell Roley were officially placed on seven day suspension pending a criminal and internal investigation. Dalilah Ical Love News.”

Reports had surfaced that the men were from the Mobile Interdiction Team (MIT) but we have since learned that that is not the case.  As was mentioned in the report, the video shows a man in white shirt kicking the civilian. He is reportedly the proprietor of Playa Bar and Grill, Aldo Marin. While police’s statement on the incident did not mention Marin’s involvement, a statement surrounding his involvement was posted on Playa Bar and Grill’s Facebook page. The statement was posted by Marin’s son, who is claiming that the man who was kicked in the face, assaulted his father.