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San Pedro residents protest at Doehms’ bail hearing

Meanwhile just in front of the Supreme Court buildings, a handful of protestors gathered at Battle Field Park. They were there to protest the Doehm’s bail hearing. They were shocked when they learned that David and Anke Doehm received bail.

Protestor 1
“As a mother it hurts me and I know what is justice system, we don’t have any here in Belize.

Reporter: Do you believe they will flee?”

Protestor 1
“Yes, they will like everybody does. I know justice will be done, there is one person they can’t run from, he’s up there but they don’t have a conscience. They are just the coldest people.

Protestor 2
“They do not deserve to get bail and I need to ask where is the murder charge? She was found in her parent’s house, murdered. Where is the murder charge? If those people are given bail today it’s going to make things worse because this is not going to stop, we will not stop. We will not stop. We will gather Belize one at a time, we will wake them up one at a time until they see that we need to do something. We either shut this government down, call for reregistration call for a new election but something has to be done. Our voice will not be quiet.

Protestor 3
“This is going to be very bad for Belize. Presently in our condition right now our country is not looking very good and if given bail to these foreigners it will put us in the light that foreigners can come here and basically do what they want and get away with it and in this particular case this is a child we are talking about this is an adult, an innocent child that looked to her parents for protection, guidance, stability in their home and it wasn’t given to her.”