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San Pedro residents protest Doehms bail application

David and Anke Doehm are expected to appear before a Supreme Court Judge tomorrow morning as their attorneys have applied for Supreme Court bail. The American couple is on remand on the charge of ‘cruelty to a child’. This is in relation to the death of Anke’s adopted daughter, 13 year old Faye Lin Cannon. Investigators believe that the Doehm’s neglect of Cannon’s injuries led to her death. San Pedranos have been very vocal over the matter and they had plans to protest tomorrow in Belize City. However, as Jorge Aldana, explained, a permit was not granted but that will not stop them.

Jorge Aldana – San Pedro resident
“The officer commanding eastern division has used the law to deny us the application for protest. She cited that we needed 36 hours for us to apply for this permission to protest so I guess she used that portion of the law to deny us that application.”

“So what is the plan? Are San Pedro residents still coming out or is it cancelled?

Jorge Aldana – San Pedro resident
“My understanding is that they are still coming out. The group that has been mobilized is still coming out tomorrow. I managed to sit down with Ms.Desiree Phillips and we went over what is expected. I told her that the group decided that if the application is denied that they will use their second constitutional right which is to picket. If you know that does not require any permission from the police which will mean that the will have to walk in continuous movement without stopping so in terms of behavior she asked what we expect. I told her that we expected a peaceful picketing and as long as the police does not aggravate or aggress anybody there is no reason for aggression.”

The protest is expected to begin at 9am. The American couple is represented by attorneys Richard Bradley and Ellis Arnold