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San Pedro Town Mayor condemns police beat down on January 1

San Pedro Mayor, Daniel Guerrero has weighed in on the incident where Jamir Leal was beat down by police on the island. Mayor Guerrero says he, like many who viewed the video, was shocked and expressed zero tolerance for such behavior.

Daniel Guerrero Mayor San Pedro: “ Definitely shocked just by seeing the video on social media and the way police brutality happens is of zero tolerance for that but we all need to learn the full story of the event also but it’s something that should not happen. I believe that the department has to look into those matters and try to figure out a way that it does not continue.

Mayor Guerrero adds that the council and police need to work together to curb the situation. Already, he says, the council works closely with the island police and are trying improve their collaboration bar owners. On Thursday morning the council met with most bar owners and discussed numerous matters.

Daniel Guerrero Mayor San Pedro: “ We had a meeting but we didn’t go into detail on that because we had owners of different establishments but we are addressing that and it was very clear to them that 2019 will be a different direction when it comes to the monitoring of bars and all establishments of bars selling beers and things like that. It is a big concern, not only for tourism but for residence alike and that is why we are saying that we are working the closest we can with the department and again you see it’s like you have the higher people giving the whatever training to these people but it is hard to control, it’s a little difficult and I don’t how it can be remedied but I know it’s completely wrong and it cannot affect Tourism but it cannot affect the livelihood of residence either because then you are not at peace, you don’t know what’s coming so we need to sit down and ensure that the three different owners: the bar owners, the council, the police and find a way out of this because it is happening.”

The January one incident continues to be investigated by the Professional Standards Branch of the Police Department.///////