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Sanitation workers receive salaries 3 days late

Yesterday, reports surfaced that employees the Belize City Council had not received their salaries for the end of September. According to the council’s public relations officer quote, “The city council is definitely not in “financial trouble” and salaries have not been consistently deposited late. Employees have never received their pay after the 15th or ending of the month under this administration. This weekend was the first time we almost didn’t make the deadline and that was because of network issues experienced on Thursday and Friday. Salaries were deposited on Friday, September 29.” It was this morning that the PR Officer told the media that salaries were at the Holy Redeemer Credit Union, HRCU. Most employees affected were sanitation workers. This morning the media asked Councilor Dion Leslie about the matter.

Councilor Dion Leslie

“The City did meet payroll I know payroll was put in on Friday, we have no control on the time frame of how banks or credit unions process the pay but I do know payroll was put in on Friday. I know you do have employees of the council who have gotten their pay so I don’t know what’s happening in the HRCU of course sanitation is my department and I feel for the sanitation workers and I hope that we can resolve it quickly. If it takes us going to HRCU and seeing what the issue is and how we can fast track it as best as possible so that the sanitation workers can get their pay we will do that but I can tell you that we have met payroll every two weeks, we put in the pay we don’t know what happened this time but I do know majority of City Council employees have been paid we don’t know what’s the issue but we can’t be held accountable for the delay or how long it takes a bank to complete a transaction or put the pay into their separate accounts so we can’t be held accountable we know that we did put in the pay.”

According to the council’s PR, permission was granted to all Sanitation workers to take time off work today to withdraw their salaries at the HRCU.