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Sanker: Budhrani brings a fresh perspective

While there are those who might want Sapnah Budhrani out as President of NICH, there are others who support her.  James Sanker, the Vice President of the Music Industry Association of Belize told Love News that Budhrani brings a refreshing perspective to NICH.

James Sanker – Vice President of Music Industry Association of Belize:  “Since she has been there she has been reaching out to many artists and have gotten opinions from a lot of people. She has never claimed to be an expert in this field but she understands the financial viability and the economic viability of the arts which is a refreshing thing for this industry to grow. I think what she mentioned in many cases is that she wants to put structures in place rather than having things just happen one off. She wants to have connectivity between things, she wants to spend NICH’s money more on the artist other than on administration. I think part of the problem that you hear now is in resistance to that.”

Sanker said that one of the things that Budhrani wants to do is to create jobs for the artists.