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Santa Elena Town Minor Missing

On Sunday, August 25, a 16-year-old from Santa Elena Town, Cayo District, escaped from the youth hostel on the George Price Highway.  Tonight, the girl’s whereabouts are still unknown.  The family of the young female is concerned as this is not the first time she has run away.  According to the child’s mother, this has become a habit over the last year; she added that the person she runs to is on drugs and is abusive and she fears for her daughter’s life and well being.
Voice of Mother: “Yesteday when they called me and told me my daughter was on the bus, one of his relatives called me and told me that my daughter was on the bus. My daughter called the relative and told the relative that she was on the bus coming to Cayo side and that she wanted to see Antonio. Immediately I went over I made the report, I went to social and I told the social people them. The police along with the social people went by Esperanza side and went to do a checkpoint. Mr. Westby told me that they checked four busses and they didn’t find my daughter in there. Now I see somebody else, Mr.Westby told me that some one of his friends saw him in the bus, he saw him last night and asked him who he was looking for in the bus and Mr.Westby told the friend and described the young lady who he was looking for and the man replied telling him that he saw that young lady on the bus but that she stopped off in Belmopan. One of my family members told me that they saw my daughter last night at Antonio’s house. He not even told me anything about my daughter, because when he used to have my daughter sleep out and I go looking for my daughter sometimes he wants to hide my daughter and tell me my daughter isn’t there and I have to tell him to make my daughter come out.”
The family believes that the 16-year-old ran away from hostel to be with the same man, known to them as Antonio.