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Santa Familia Residents Protest for Justice in the name of Slain Soldier Jessie Escobar

At news time tonight the debris on the Branch Mouth Road had been cleared, the chants for justice along with last night’s events are now just a memory. The residents gave the Police Commissioner a promise to not have a repeat of last night. Looking back at last night, however, it all began with a peaceful candle light vigil which quickly escalated into the roads being blocked, trees being limbed and tires being burnt. The villagers protested, clamoring for justice in the name of Jessie Escobar. A road block was created in front of the slain soldier’s family home, reportedly to keep the law enforcement out. The villagers dragged huge limbs and mounted tires across the road before setting them a blaze and even adding a gas tank into the mix. The scene by all accounts was one of lawlessness and pandemonium, but according to the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, the residents will be getting a pass for last night’s fiasco.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I did saw the videos from what happened last night and yes while it was happening police wanted to engage and I said to the police no. People do have a right to dissent and even though it was not a peaceful dissent as it ought to have been. We try to understand the pain of the village over what had transpired and so with that we allowed them to express themselves the way they did last night. I have said due to the fact that we understand their pain, understand what they’re going through, understand the fact that they’re outraged. We all area outraged. We could overlook the burning of the tires last night but they have promised going forward that that is not going to happen again so I’m happy to get their assurance that it won’t happen again and we’ll see where we go from there.”

Love News was on the scene last night from start to finish and spoke to several residents who had expressed that they wanted justice in the form of a murder charge. Here is a clip of what our Cayo Correspondents Elaine Berry and Eliu Yacab encountered on the scene.

Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent: “We are in front of the Branch Mouth Stop and Shop and this is where Jesse lost his life and as you see there are candles, there are pictures of him, there are people around, there are still people very somber over what took place. People again keep on asking, all they ask for is for justice that’s all they want is justice. The Branch Mouth Stop and Shop is already closed but people are just standing around. We all know too that curfew is at nine but with this crowd out here there is no curfew here in Santa Familia. Nobody is moving.”

Eliu Yacab, Cayo Correspondent: “As you may see right here we have some people, some of the guys bringing down some more materials for the fire. In the end you can see the fire is not burning that much right now but we have people all around here. The people are very upset at this location here.”

Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent: “People are very angry indeed and they’re about to start another fire again.”