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Santa Martha Villagers Get Health Centre

Health and Wellness Minister Kevin Bernard recently established a health centre for the villagers of Santa Martha. Bernard who is the Area Representative for Orange Walk South says that the centre will house a resident nurse who will be there to provide health services. 

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness: “One of my commitments that I made to the community of Santa Martha who is a very distant rural community in my constituency and have to travel miles on a very difficult road sometimes to go to Orange Walk sometimes just to get a Tylenol or just to get some type of service or checkup. I felt that it was important for me to work on and so I was able to partner with the BTB and access some funding and through a constituency fund as well acquired a structure for the Santa Martha residents where we’re going to house a health center there and through the Ministry of Health we’re going to be placing a resident nurse to be there to provide basic services and support to the people of Santa Martha. Now let us also understand that that will not only benefit the residents of Santa Martha but all those people who live in the New Land area and the surrounding Landon Camp and so areas. So these people will then have better access to health services and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve done that and many other projects that I have done in the Santa Martha area.”