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Santander Employee accused of stealing $219K

The Santander sugar group is launching a case against one of its employees. 29 year old Flavio Tzalam had diverted funds and written several cheques to himself totaling two hundred and nineteen thousand dollars. The National Criminal Investigations Branch indicate that not only is Tzalam in police custody, he is also expected to face more than the charge of theft.

ACP Joseph Myvette: The management of Santander Limited reported to the police that between June 2015 and June 2018 an audit was conducted by the Santander group which revealed that a number of checks were unaccounted for. A further investigation led the company’s auditors to discover that five of those checks were made out to Flavio Tzalam  who was the person responsible for the checks. Those checks were found to be cashed having a total value of over $219,000. Police have since arrest and charged Flavio Tzalam  for the crime of theft. The investigation is still on going and further charges is expected against Mr.Tzalam 

The Santander Group reported the crime on August 2nd.