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Santander Sugar apologizes but still wants waiver

Santander Sugar Limited has responded to the Government of Belize. In a press statement issued this evening, the sugar producing company apologizes and regrets the actions that led to the cease and desist letter issued by the Government. In the release, Santander explains an amendment to the EPZ was filed in February and whilst waiting for acceptance, Santander began to explore market opportunities within CARICOM. The company says it failed to realize that an additional waiver for the local markets was needed. Santander says that it will quote, “comply with all local authorities and recall all the sugar that has been distributed thus far.” End of quote. As for its waiver request, Santander is asking that its submission be reviewed and the waiver granted as soon as possible. The company says that the local sugar market should be shared by all Belize based sugar companies in a fair and equitable fashion especially since world sugar prices are falling.