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Sarawee Village without water

Villagers of Sarawee in the Stann Creek District say they are experiencing a ‘water crisis. According to the Chairman of the village, Derrington Ramirez, for the past eight months villagers have been experiencing water shortage. This has prompted villagers to consider digging wells in their back yard something that the village council is not advising villagers to do. Ramirez explained.

 Derrington Ramirez, Chairman, Sarawee Village

 “A lot of people right t now are digging wells in their yards and the biggest concern is these little young kids around the village you know they not used to the old fashion way. We don’t want any incident to occur like what happened I think a couple days ago something similar in Silk Grass where a child was in a hole or a well or something. So that our biggest concern like I tell you we are not getting any feedback or anyone is contacting me as the Chairman here to let us know okay if they can address the situation for us. This has been going on for almost a year and half now and over the past 8 months no water in our pipes here. My villagers they are attacking me because I am the Chairman and I feel so bad because before I got into this thing I had been promised from our Area Representative and everyone who was in that party that they will look out for us and things like this water is essential and for us to not have water, man it’s sad.”

Village councilor Ritchie Williams says they are trying to source water from Dangriga.

 Richard Williams, Village Councilor

“We would really really hope with this now that the country will hear and all the big guys that they will figure something to help us I mean. In the morning it’s so embarrassing to see the little kids at the well with their little well bucket and like Mr. Chairman said they are not used to that. I try to get up early to go and help also, dipping the well bucket, because the same thing people ask me are you going to dig a well in our yard. I’m like no I don’t want that same thing that happened to happen here. The little kid who was in the well, we try to prevent that here so I am just hoping that the Ministers or whoever is listening to us could try to help us soon.”

The council is calling on the relevant government ministry of address the issue.