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Sarteneja Farmers Learn From Taiwanese Mission

A group of farmers from the Corozal District concluded a visit to Central Farm.  Correspondent Fem Cruz was there and has the story.


“An estimated thirty farmers from Sarteneja Village in the Corozal District travelled early this morning to Central Farm for a farmer’s field trip. According to Barry Palacio, District Agriculture Coordinator for Corozal the purpose of this visit was to expose these farmers to new technologies and allow them to gather first hand information.”


“The purpose of this trip was to allow them to have a first hand observation from the Taiwanese mission personnel and experts within the aquaculture unit to amplify and explain in a bit more detail the technology of Tilapia rearing. This field visit was a direct result of a request coming from the people of Sarteneja especially the group headed by Mr.Carlos Cruz and between the Ministry of Agriculture partnering with the Taiwanese Mission and personnel from the aquaculture unit and the cooperative department we have responded to that call.”


“Carlos Cruz explained how this trip will help to be more productive.”


“This trip was like one a high school because I have been explaining to the members of the association about what we can see coming to Central Farm and looking at the facilities that the Taiwanese have when it comes to Tilapia growing. The plan was a multi purpose plan where we learnt a lot, had an exchange of discussion with the Taiwanese and we also saw the actual job in the hatcheries for Tilapia. A whole explanation was done by the experts from the hatchery to all our members. They learned the process of growing and handling Tilapia including the feedings and other purposes and we also went to visit some greenhouses which is a part of the aim of the group in diversification into greenhouses and reproducing vegetables. It was a great experience and all the members of the team did very well.”