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SC Denys Barrow Appointed to Sit with the CCJ

Belize’s Senior Counsel, Denys Barrow will be taking up the position of a judge on the Caribbean Court of Justice as at June 1, 2017.  The CCJ is the highest court for Belize and is equivalent to the UK’s Supreme Court in the British system.  He is one of seven judges from the Caribbean appointed to the CCJ.  Love News spoke with Barrow earlier today where he noted that between now and the start of his new posting, he will be wrapping up his career as an attorney as he will have to divest himself from not only the handling of cases but the ownership of his law firm, Barrow and Company LLP.  The firm will remain with the name but he will no longer have ownership or shares.  His appointment is until the age of retirement.  Senior Counsel has been serving in the legal industry for about forty years now during which he has served on the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.