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SCA: Wavemakers of the Year

Oceana’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of its “Wavemakers” was held on Saturday, October 28 in Belmopan, where Oceana recognized  St. Catherine Academy (SCA) Wavemaker Club and parent Mrs. Tania Mahler as the 2017 Wavemakers of the Year.  The SCA Wavemaker Club was awarded for their dedication to the offshore oil campaign as well as their consistent involvement in cleanups throughout the year. At the AGM, the tabling of the Petroleum Operations (Maritime Zone Moratorium) Bill in the House of Representative was discussed and the implications for the marine environment if it becomes law. In her address to the attendees, Vice President of Oceana in Belize, Janelle Chanona maintained, “We are at this point in history because of the unwavering insistence of Belizeans to be engaged in the decision making processes about offshore oil. We cannot thank Belizeans enough for that enduring participation and for their continued vigilance in the future. Everyone gets to take credit on this. Oceana will work tirelessly to ensure that the world knows that the Government and people of Belize are serious about safeguarding our invaluable marine assets.” Belizean Wavemakers make up more than a million Oceana members that safeguard the protection of the world’s oceans.