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Scammer Arraigned on Charge of Deception

Police have found that a teenager of a King’s Park address was the mastermind behind several cases of deception around the country.  Some weeks ago we told you of several business persons complaining that two persons were going to their business claiming that their employer had an outstanding balance for shrimps they had been provided with.  In some instances, they would get paid as was the situation in a case in San Pedro.  Police reported that last Tuesday at around six in the evening  a woman was at her place of employment on Coconut Drive when her employer came and queried as to when the shrimps would be delivered.  The employee responded saying that she was under the impression that they were already delivered as she had given a payment of two hundred and eighty dollars.  Less than a week later, the business owner was shown a photograph of a man who was in the custody of Orange Walk police and that was when she had identified that person as the same person who had collected for the undelivered shrimp.  Love News spoke with Inspector Nicholas Palomo, the Deputy Commander of Orange Walk Police.

NICOLAS PALOMO: The report for May that Orange Walk how this individual was going around to the business places offering seafood or sea products, collecting for them and then he would go with the money and not deliver anything. Up to now we have four reports from four business that got scammed. Some of the businesses had cameras capturing the identity of the individuals and we managed to capture him in Belize City. Belize City police actually saw his picture on Facebook and he was captured on Sunday. He came to Orange Walk where he was charged for four counts of obtaining property through deception. He has been granted bail so far but he is wanted in Belize City so he will be returned to Belize City for further charges.”

So far the police’s investigations indicate that 19-year-old, Brian Neal worked alone.

NICOLAS PALOMO: “Up to now we think he was working alone. The first report we got was from November of last year. From the 20th of November is the first time when he started this. Right now we are setting bail for him and after that we will be transporting him to Belize City.”

19-year-old, Brian Neal was arraigned on the charge of obtaining property by deception and granted bail of six thousand dollars.  Neal met bail but is also wanted in San Pedro and Belize City for similar cases.