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Scandals have eroded public trust says Opposition Leader

The Opposition Leader said the Barrow administration has been plagued with numerous scandals which have eroded the confidence of the Belizean public.

Opposition Leader – John Briceno

“Truly when we see this administration overwhelmed with scandal on top of scandal involving high ranking ministers, elected representatives and their cronies we are compelled to agree that we are witness to a kind of moral bankruptcy. This has led to a crippling national cynicism, a total loss of confidence in a system that sees an ordinary Belizean youth locked up for a stick of weed, a system that sees checkpoints erected at bridges to harass and rub down young men coming from the Southside of Belize City to the north side. A system where good citizens like Amy Forte who sees wrongdoing are afraid to step forward and do the right thing for there is no protection for those willing to do what is right. A system that sees young women sentenced the jail for stealing a ball of cheese while there is never interrogation much less prosecution of those elected officials and their associates who bastardize and steal our patrimony with impunity.”