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Scholarship Dedicated to Victim of Gun Violence

A young man, who lost his life to gun violence last year, is being remembered by his family and his school with a scholarship. Cayo correspondent Elaine Berry reports on the initiative.

Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent: A student from St.Ignatius Adult Division was presented with a scholarship award by Mattes Hill the father of Samuel Hill who was killed last summer. Speaking to Love News Shari Medina, St.Ignatius High School’s Adult Education coordinator told us more about the scholarship. 

Shari Medina, Adult Education Coordinator, St.Ignatius High School:  “The St.Ignatius School of Adult Education normally embarks in granting scholarship to deserving students. Now this year this is a special reason of why we are doing a scholarship presentation under Samuel Hill’s name. Samuel Hill was a past student of St.Ignatius School of Adult Education. He was known to be an outstanding role model. He was always there to be that shining light to others. He was a well known community member as well and being a part of the St.Ignatius family made it even much more harder when we lost him last year. So we decided as the board of governors to put forth a scholarship in his honor and so we are awarding a special scholarship to a special student Ms.Darlene Cal this year who has met all the requirements for the scholarship. And so like I said before we are honored that we can keep Samuel with us being that he’s being honored with this scholarship which will be granted not only this year but for the years to come.”

Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent: I also spoke to Mathias Hill the father of Samuel who presented the scholarship award.

Mathias Hill, Father of Samuel Hill: “I am here this evening at St.Ignatius High School in Santa Elena to give a scholarship award coming from St.Ignatius High School on behalf of Samuel Hill who was an outstanding student here at St. Ignatius High School who lost his life tragically last year on the streets due to violence.”

Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent: Darlene Cal who was the recipient of the Samuel Hill scholarship also spoke to Love News on how she feels in receiving this scholarship.

Darlene Cal, Scholarship Recipient: “I’m honored with this scholarship I obtained today because it’s gonna help me a lot. I’m a single parent with two kids and with this scholarship it gives me the opportunity to finish my education, to further it more. Especially in this time of COVID it helps me with the expense and it also encourages me to continue because there are always good people out here that are willing to help other achieve what they want in life.