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School Mistakes Missionaries for Predators

Over the past few years there have been numerous reports of children being kidnapped by strangers driving white vans and cars with tinted windows. Recently a British national was detained for attempting to kidnap a boy in Belmopan. The fear of Caucasian foreigners near children has reached across the country in cities and towns, and including villages like Pachakan in the Corozal District. Apparently two white men went to a school and began taking pictures on Tuesday and the police were promptly called to investigate.    

ACP Joseph Myvette: Based on concerned calls to the Police they visited Patchakan Village where upon arrival two male individuals are found and interviewed. They indicated that they are a part of a humanitarian mission .They were taking photographs of the school however that point in time the school was on recess hence the concern from the villagers however their identity and mission was confirmed. Other than to say that probably there was some breakdown in communication. I am not in a position to say whether or not the school management was informed whether that would have been done. I know that from time to time these foreign agencies go across the country looking for projects where they can assist with but they don’t usually go on their own without some local participation to say that this is the project we would want to do.”

The US citizens were not detained. They were only questioned and they are part of a humanitarian mission in the area.