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School Security Guard stabbed by mob

Police are still looking for a group of about six men who ambushed and stabbed 56-year-old Samuel Welch on Sunday morning. The Security Guard was on shift at the St. Luke Methodist Primary School located on Mahogany Street when the group attacked him. ASP Alejandro Cowo provided more details.

Asp Alejandro Cowo Head C.I.B: Police visited the second floor of one of the buildings where the observed blood trace, several instruments: a crowbar, a baton and a knife. Thereafter they made checks at the hospital where the observed the same mechanic that is employed there by the school Mr. Clifford Samuel Welsh suffering from various stab wounds to the body and in a badly beaten condition. What you understood is that Mr. Welsh was working security in the school compound when sometime about 2 – 3 in the morning he was attacked by a group of male persons that inflicted the injuries to him. He is presently admitted at the hospital in a stable condition.

Reporter: Sir it is believed that these gentlemen who inflicted the wounds on the victim are believed to have wanted to break into the actual school itself to probably go away with computers and or other equipment from the school, is there any motive that you can share at this time?

Asp Alejandro Cowo Head C.I.B.: Well that is what we believe because the instruments that were found are the crowbars and other things that are used to normally pry open doors or windows, instruments that that are used to commit burglaries. He was unable to identify the person that attacked him, he mention about six or seven persons and we are not sure if they are form the immediate area but it is an angle we are looking at.

Welch is listed in a stable condition.