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Schools Face New Challenge with Face to Face Learning as Covid-19 Cases Increase

This latest COVID-19 development has parents and teachers very concerned especially since there are plans to fully return to face to face classes soon. The Belize National Teacher’s Union (BNTU) today explained that schools will need to be better assessed on their readiness. President Elena Smith says that one of the main challenges is the availability of sanitation supplies. 

Elena Smith, President, BNTU: “One of the concerns that we have though is the fact that we have students at our schools who are positive, we have teachers who have tested positive and nothing is being said at the schools. It’s like everything is a secret and we have to understand that it is important that the people you work with are aware so that they can take the necessary precautions. And so if I have a colleague that tested positive I need to know because maybe we were having lunch together, maybe that person was in my class and we worked together I have to know these things not because I need to know your business but it’s important that as a staff we are also aware well we have teachers out because they positive and so be careful go and test things like that. If a teacher has students in her class who tested positive they have to know because our students now are back and even though they are wearing masks still they are working in groups, they are now having lunch, they are out during break time so things can happen so I am hoping and I am pleading to our schools that if you have kids at your school don’t hide it, please don’t hide it especially from the teachers let them know.”  

Director of Public Health and Wellness, Dr Melissa Diaz confirmed today that there are COVID-19 clusters at some schools. Diaz says that these clusters are dealt with on a school by school basis.