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Schools not allowed to deny children access

On Monday, while primary schools countrywide were open, as many as 200 students from Ladyville Seventh Day Adventist Primary School were reportedly not allowed into class. Our newsroom understood that the children all had overdue school fees, but parents were not aware that they had to arrange a payment plan. According to Chief Education Officer Carol Babb, the school said that they did not deny any child admittance to their classes.

Dr.Carol Babb: “The policy is that children should not be denied access even if they don’t pay. What should actually happen is that the principal and the staff and the managing authority should make like a payment plan. So a parent might come in and say ‘you know I want my child to attend this school but I really don’t have the money.’ but if that happens the child should not be denied access, the child should be admitted to the school and some kind of payment plan can be made between the principal and the parent. Our district education manager contacted the school and according to them the principal said that she did not deny any student from being admitted to the school so I’m just saying what I was told.”