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Schools Reopen for Face to Face Learning

Schools reopened for a number of schools yesterday for the first time in more than a year. Over fifty schools welcomed their students as part of the Ministry of Education’s phased in program. Elaine Berry found out how things went in Cayo.

Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent: After closing for a year and adapting to distanced learning a total of twelve schools were opened here in the Cayo district. As a part of the phased reopening Mount Carmel Primary School in Benque opened its doors to their students. Love News did a walk through with the principal of the school Melvin Manzanero and also got a chance to talk to a standard five student Jerome Marshall about his return to school, what it was like doing distanced learning and a message to his classmates that have yet to return to school.

Melvin Manzanero, Principal, Mount Carmel Primary School: “From last year in preparation so today was the day. As a staff we met and said we think it’s time for us to call back our students and hence the reason we managed to open our doors on Monday. Now our school here we have a total of about 975 students and that’s not including the preschool but the preschool actually opened its doors too. So here we are on the second day. To be more specific we have a total of about 681 students currently that came to school and actually about 294 that well for some reason somehow are not yet willing to come back hence the reason we will be working with them as well. We’re trying our best for the students to come back to school, obviously there is still some fear among the community but that’s okay we’ll work with them.”

Jerome Marshall, Student: “It’s great to be back at school it’s just really easier to learn in school. It’s just better because at home it just isn’t the same because there’s someone right in front of you that can teach step by step everything you need to learn, at home they do that but at the school it’s just very easier and it’s very good to know that all of your friends are staying safe and you can see all your friends you haven’t seen in a while.”

In the Toledo District, we find out what the situation was for them. Senior Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.