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Schools to Fully Reopen for Face to Face Learning Come September

With the waning of the Covid-19 figures it is expected that schools will be fully reopened by the new academic year. Speaking on this was the Minister of Health, Kevin Bernard who says the situation is being dealt with in collaboration of the Ministry of Education.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health & Wellness: From a Ministry of Health standpoint, we have always been targeting the new school year. That is a discussion that I know the Ministry of Education will be having. I believe that now with the restrictions being lifted, they will have to go back and sit down and of course they will sit with our team at the ministry to make that decision in terms of what will happen, whether after the Easter break or we are going full face to face in August. I more believe that schools will be more prepared coming into the new school year. As you know after Easter, I think you have one or two, two more months of classes and then they take the summer break. So I think that they will use that time to adjust, to make their preparations, further preparations, because a lot of the schools have been prepared. We have not had any issues or any major issues related to COVID cases coming out of the schools. The one or two situations that occurred in the early instances were persons who, students who may have had it at their home and reported to the schools that they had it but it was nothing to say that there were infections or spread within the school systems so I must commend all those principals and teacher across the country and the Ministry of Education for also assisting the Ministry of Health in building that awareness, in making sure school swerve prepared and where they felt that schools were not fully prepared, those schools were continuing hybrid and online classes so I know that the Minister of Education had to take necessary steps as well to ensure that by this new school year that will come in August, all schools then should have been prepared and ready for full face to face.”