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Scotia Bank Warns of Cyber Banking Scams

There has been a recent phishing scam going around via email with Scotia Bank’s Logo on it. We contacted them asking if they had any knowledge of the letters that were being circulated on social media. Love News spoke to Elio Cabanas, Marketing Manager who told us this is the first time they have seen the letter and it is definitely not coming from their institution.


“It is a phishing message, a scam, it’s not coming from Scotia Bank and basically some organizations are targeted and these sorts of messages are sometimes being put out there but it is definitely not coming from Scotiabank. This is the first time that I am seeing this kind of message and so we are placing a customary advisory shortly so that our customers can be informed as well of this taking place and customers are encouraged not to click on the link and share personal information because it is a phishing message.”

Cabanas had this advice for their customers.


“They are trying to access people’s personal information and they want to use it to their benefit as we have been seeing in other similar phishing activities and so forth.  So that is usually toward no good purpose and so as a general best practice our customers should be cautious of this, alert of it and not be providing any kind of undue personal information on any kind of online service. We would never be requesting information and be sending out emails like that requesting them to click on a link to activate their accounts which have been deactivated that is not a standard practice that we keep here at Scotiabank. So from the time that they are prompting you for that kind of information via an email it is very suspicious and we would never do that in that manner so then it’s just a matter of exercising due care with regards to these emails and not provide such information as requested.”

The letter has been sent to those who are banking with Scotia Bank as well as those who are not.