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Scotiabank Belize donates to Ladyville organizations

Scotiabank Belize decided to install an Automatic Teller Machine in Ladyville. The ATM was officially opened today and is located at North Gas Station in Ladyville which has more than five thousand residents. Michael Shaw, Managing Director explained why the move was taken.


Michael Shaw – Managing Director, Scotiabank

“For too long the customers on this side of Belize City actually were a little off by not having the facilities right here, most persons would have to catch the bus or get a taxi or drive to Belama which would have been our nearest branch. So over the last year we contemplated to extend the banking facilities out to Ladyville to make it a lot more convenient for our customers here and today we are very pleased to say that this has actually come to fruition, this ATM is live up and running, customers have been doing their transactions and so far they have been pleased. So the whole essence behind it was to make it a lot more convenient for our customers and obviously to save them the trip and the cost of getting to the nearest ATM.”

Shaw also took the opportunity to present a cheque of one thousand five hundred dollars to Our Lady of Guadalupe RC School represented by Principal, Denise Neal and to Liberty Children’s Home represented by Agatha Valentine.

Denise Neal – Principal, Our Lady of Guadalupe RC School

“Ladyville RC School is one of the biggest schools right now in the community.  Unfortunately we have not yet managed to gather enough funds to open a feeding program for our students and myself along with my vice principal we got together and we decided that we are going to write to the different organizations to see how they can assist. God is good, Scotia Bank replied to us and we got some along with some other stakeholders within the community, they also assisted so with this cheque we will go deposit it and right away we will get some materials to get the building completed.”

Agatha Valentine – Liberty Children’s Home

“Currently we have 40 children at Liberty and we provide 24 hour service to our children as well. These funds will go towards improving our services and also to continue to provide a high quality of life for our residents.”