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Scotiabank donates to Education

ScotiaBank Belize handed over three computer systems to the Senior Management Team of the Ministry of Education, Youths, Sports, and Culture. According to the Country Manager, Michael Shaw this is part of the company’s philanthropic responsibilities to the community and country.

Michael Shaw – ScotiaBank’s Country Manager

“Part of our philanthropic duty with Belize is our focus on health and education. This is the education aspect of it. Earlier this year we had donated scholarships for the primary school level this is a continuation of what we are trying to achieving in ensuring that we have a literate country and to continue to build on what the Ministry of Education is currently doing. So this morning what we donated to the Ministry of Education and these computers are for the use of the Ministry of Education are three computers. The second phase of it will be to donate to each school. So we have another fifteen computers to donate to some schools that the Ministry of Education will identify so they will identify the need in the school and we will go in and ensure that the schools have computers to assist with the learning of the kids.”


How is this being made possible?

Michael Shaw – ScotiaBank’s Country Manager

“Well I believe that wherever Scotia Bank does business we must give back to the community and give back in a meaningful way, it does not mean giving a couple dollars here or there we must give back in a meaningful way and we thought that targeting education would have been a critical aspect because obviously we would need an educated population if we are going to move forward. The truth is the staff that is here came out, the staff that we have come from the education system and we have excellent staff which means that there is in fact good education in Belize. We want to continue to build on that because we are in Belize for the long run. Next year in fact we will celebrate 50 years in Belize. We will start another round of working with the Ministry of Education when that time comes.

I don’t like to put a value on education really because there is no value to education whatever is needed to assist the Ministry of Education in moving forward in helping them with their literacy program is what we are all about. So the second phase of this donation this morning was to donate another $3,000 I’m very pleased to see what the Ministry of Education is doing with the literacy program; they have taken on a serious venture to ensure that every kid that leaves school can at least read very critical and we are partnering with them on that mission.”

Shaw says that Scotiabank will present a donation to support current development of National Literacy Policy to further strengthen the country’s overarching literacy strategy.