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Scouts adopt SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was adopted by almost two hundred countries, which form part of the United Nations, at a three-day summit.  The summit was held at the United Nations Headquarters located in New York City in September 2015. The seventeen goals include: eliminating poverty and hunger, promoting good health and well-being, establishing quality education, and gender equality.  Apart from the UN’s Member States, the scouts’ movement has also adopted these goals. Omari Neal, the Camp Director of the Scout Association of Belize, said  they are presently sensitizing scouts to the SDGs.

Omari Neal – Camp Director: “World Scout Organization Movement adapted the seventeen SDG’s and they call it Scouts for SDGs and it is one of the largest youth movements with over fifty million scouts participating and helping towards the SDG’s worldwide. Just like every journey begins with the first  step so we are just showing them and introducing them to SDG’s and how we can work towards achieving the goals here locally in Belize.”

The SDGs follow from the Millennium Development Goals.