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Scouts Association of Belize honors Dr. Villanueva

During last night’s launch of the Join-In Jamboree for the Scouts Association of Belize, Dr. Rene Villanueva who chairs the Belize Scout Foundation was honoured for his commitment, passion and productivity in the scouting movement.  We spoke with him on his seat as Chairman and his love for scouting.

Dr. Rene Villanueva – Chairman of Belize Scout Foundation: “Well I have always had a love for scouting. Many years ago as a younger person I was on the Board of the Scout Association, that was many years ago. Due to workload and changes I left the Board of the Scouting Association. Still wanting to serve I was asked to be a member of the Board of the Scout Foundation at which I readily accepted and I think it might be about a year ago more or less that I was asked to Chair the Scout  Foundation so I took over about a year ago roughly. We want to thank Armando Aban who is the President of the Scout Association of Belize and of course Mr. Roberto Lopez who is the Executive of the Scout Association of Belize for the honor they gave to me as Chairman of the Scout Foundation of Belize and also to our Chief Executive Officer Mr. Hilberto Riverol. By extension my son Rene Jr. who is the General Manager of RSV Ltd. was there so he got a scarf as well. The scarf is a symbol of appreciation, of friendship, of togetherness and I am very honored and grateful that we were bestowed with that and I am sure that I speak on behalf of Rene Jr. and behalf of our Chief Executive Mr. Hilberto Riverol.”

Several changes and new initiatives have begun under the chairmanship of Dr. Villanueva.  He spoke of one that is very close to his heart.

Dr. Rene Villanueva – Chairman of Belize Scout Foundation:“Since taking over I have made it the priority of the Board to construct the National Headquarters for the Scouting Association of Belize. As you know and you may recall that earlier this year there was a groundbreaking ceremony. There was a donation of $200,000 by The Republic of China on Taiwan and we want to thank Ambassador Remus Ku Chen for the confidence he has placed in the foundation by advancing the funds to start the building. Now we have filled the lot as was shown. The designs for the building have finally been finalized because that took a bit of time and so we should be driving the first pile in the next month to start construction of this new Sir Colville N. Young Headquarters of the Scout Association of Belize.”

The Belize Scout Foundation is accepting more donations in order that the movement can continue to thrive.