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Scouts of Belize Receive Steel Pan Instruments

Today the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) donated fifty thousand dollars to the Belize Scouts Association and Foundation. The funds will be used to purchase instruments for the creation of a steel pan band. The handing-over ceremony took place this afternoon at the new home of scouting “the Sir Colville N Young Building” named after the Governor-General of Belize. The President of the Scouting Association Fernando Oliva spoke about how his dream has become reality. 

Fernando Oliva, President, The Scout Association of Belize

Fernando Oliva, President, The Scout Association of Belize: “It was our long last dream to have a band in scouting and over the years the Governor General have donated several instrument but this is the first time that we have gotten a donation of this significant amount. So, we are eager for our scouts to live and express themselves through music. So that is one of the important things. We have a strategic plan set already for the band and it will comprise of scouts from through the length and breadth of our country. It’s going to be like an all star band. Not to mention that each district have their own scouting band already but the steelpan will manifest scouts from throughout the country.”

Belize’s Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) David Kuan-Chou Chien also expressed his gratitude for being a part of the initiative.

H.E. David K.C. Chien, Taiwan Ambassador to Belize

H.E. David K.C. Chien, Taiwan Ambassador to Belize: “I’m very glad to to take part in today’s event. It’s also my great pleasure to be invited to here. And as we know the young people is our future hope is also the hope of a country, and Taiwan is the loyal and reliable ally of Belize, so I sincerely hope that the donation to the steel pan band of the National Scout Association will have a positive impact, and a good impact on building the young people’s self-esteem and confidence and developing the righteous values of life, and the help the young people to play a constructive role in the society and in the country, and most important that they devote themselves to the community service. And as the representative of the Republic of China, Taiwan and my embassy sincerely look forward to continuing to work with the government, people, and NGOs of Belize to further strengthen the bilateral relations and also promote the welfare and the benefit of the people of Belize.” 

Notably, the first steel pan band in Belize was founded by Sir Colville, who has been an important figure in the development of scouting in Belize.