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Scratch and Win $5,000

If you have an itch, you scratch. But that urge to scratch is typically considered a bad habit and usually occurs after you are bitten by a mosquito. But there is a new reason to scratch; via a game called Scratch and Win. The latest addition to gaming in Belize was launched in March and today, the first person scratched and won five thousand dollars.

Alex Gamero-Director, Scratch & Win: “Scratch & Win is an instant lottery so you buy tickets and you scratch it with a coin and if you find a prize underneath you win instantly so you don’t have to wait for any draw, it is instant. As soon as you see your prize you collect your money. We launched on March 22nd which was 23 or 24 days ago and so far we have paid over $180,000 in prizes but all the top prizes hadn’t been won yet so we were waiting very patiently, very anxiously for someone to come in and bring that top prize in. Today is that day, we have two games: $1 dollar game with a top prize of $5000 and we have a $2 game with a top prize of $15,000 so today someone bought a $1 game which is called fast cash and they won $5000.”

Ester Winner of Scratch & Win: “I purchased ten tickets and then my daughter, my son in law and I started scratching. We won $5 and we scratched the sixth ticket and I saw $5000, another $5000, I started scratching again, saw a five, continued scratching and I asked my daughter if I was seeing correctly and that is when she started screaming. We have a lot of bills to pay so we will start off with the bills and afterwards we will see what happens after that.”

The company said it had handed over a hundred thousand dollars in winnings since March, but in smaller portions.