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Scratch & Win

Scratch and Win has put a smile on another winner’s face and expanded the size of his wallet.  Rene was overwhelming to learn that he won $15,000 dollars. He purchased the lucky ticket last night from a store in Belmopan. Rene indicated that he does not intend to spend the money right away.

Rene – Winner: “Well, I am excited because it is the first time I won this prize.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “What plans do you have for the money?”

Rene – Winner: “Savings for my house.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “Will you continue to play?”

Rene – Winner: “Yes, sure I will.”

Since Scratch and Win has been in existence, there have been many winners. However, many feel that there are more winners from the districts. Love news spoke with Alex Gamero, the Director of Scratch and Win, who denied those claims.

Alex Gamero – Director, Scratch and Win: “The other part of it is just perception like often times we hear oh nobody wins in Belize City but we have had big winners in Belize City or someone says we have no big winners in Cayo but we have had big winners in Cayo so a lot of it is just that they don’t remember that they have had big winners in their town. The most important thing is that nobody controls where those winning tickets end up, it is just all luck. Rene here just went to the store just like hundreds of thousands of people go to the store every day to buy something for their house or for dinner, he just went to the store, bought a couple of tickets and his luck came to him last night.”

The game has become popular even with children, prompting National Committees for Families and Children, NCFC, to issue a release warning against allowing children to gamble.