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Screening for children with special needs

The Belize Brain Awareness Society is holding screening for children with special needs. Pauline Soberanis-Tillett filed this report.
Belize Brain Awareness Society is today holding the first of its kind back to school special screening for children with autism and ADHD at the Ministry of Youth Services conference room in Belmopan. With more than 25 children present they will be screened by Dr. Cindy Rosado and Ms.Deshayne Gutierez a clinical psychologist. The children will also be involved in several games designed specifically for their needs. Love News spoke to organizer Kayla Martinez.
Kayla Martinez, Organizer: “We are catering for 50 children today because of the limitation of the special packages. The ages of the children here stem from 2 years old to 25. This is our first time as an association completing a task like this and yes we do plan to do this again as we do want people to get the adequate answers for their child having either ADHD or autism.”
The event is being held at the Department of Youth Services in Belmopan.