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Sculpture to be placed at BTL Park

The Belize City Council has plans to erect a fifteen foot sculpture at BTL Park.  Mayor Bradley says he plans to do so before the year is over and he plans to hire Stephen Okeke as the sculptor. Bradley told us more about the sculpture.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

It’s similar to the concept of the Belize sign but it’s a different rendering and of course the concept was fully developed by Steven Okeke but it’s a map of Belize it’s a feature that would be interactive so that what you would have is that it’s actually a bench so this is a very large structure the length of it is 25 feet, the height of it is 15 feet and young people would be able to sit on it, jump on it play on it and its sort of a map of Belize that would be painted in multi colors and its coming together and it’s an outstretched hand and the hand is designed as a sculpture and then it will hold a Belize flag. We were actually seeing if we could get this finished for the September Celebrations, that is not going to be possible so we are looking at time frame a little bit longer than that but the idea is that we want to beautify Belize and one of the things we want to do is ensure that we promote pride in our country. I think when Steven Okeke brought the idea to me I was very excited about it because it symbolizes a lot of the aspirations and hope of Belize City that we come together in like a vortex and we all support the development and advancement of our community but we are very actively looking at ways how we could continue to develop BTL park.”

Bradley says that the sculpture will cost the council about twenty five thousand dollars.