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The Search for Anisha Young Continues

The search for Anisha Young continues. The police say that Young in the company of friends and her boyfriend went from a Christmas party at the Princess Hotel to the Sit and Sip bar. She then accompanied her boyfriend to Nargosta Street and that’s when, the police say she disappeared without a trace.

ASP, Alejandro Cowo, Belize Police Department: “Well on Monday just after the press briefing or whilst the press briefing was going on family members of Anisha Young made a report to the police that she was last seen alive on Sunday morning after she had arrived home after attending a Christmas party at the Princess Hotel and Casino and thereafter she was partying at Sit and Sip where she departed via a taxi along with friends and along with the boyfriend. What we gather so far is that Miss Anisha Young was left at an address on Nargusta Street along with the boyfriend and that was the last time that she was seen alive. The boyfriend is claiming that she went to sleep and when he woke up sometime just before midday he noticed that she was not there. Family members became concerned and they approached the boyfriend on Monday and that is when they learned that she was nowhere to be found up to this moment. Well the police has been communicating with the family. They have been assisting the family with conducting searches within the Philip Goldson Highway, the George Price Highway. It’s not a great number of police officers but at least we have two or three police officers assisting the families. At this present moment we have about fifteen police officers working between the Old Belize area, Habet and Cisco construction all the way up to the bridge where we are hearing rumors that there is a possibility that that is where the body was dumped. That is information that has been surfacing from everywhere and those are the leads that we are following up. I cannot confirm or tell you that she has been murdered or anything like that we are just following up on information that we have been receiving. Apparently after interviewing several persons that were around the female and the boyfriend that night all of them mentioned that everything was cool and calm with them, nothing appeared to be out of the normal or if they were going through any dispute or anything.

Reporter: Have you investigated the angle of the video which was posted on a Facebook page?

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Belize Police Department:Well we knew about a post on Facebook but we were unable to see that video. We spoke to the family members and they said that they had it for a short while and then the video disappeared so we were not able to have the opportunity to look at it.”