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The search for Choc continues

19-year-old Adamir Choc remains missing as the search by family and friends continues.  Choc was at E & L Bar in Belmopan on Saturday, September 7.  She was last seen getting into an SUV outside the establishment.  Since leaving her house for the club on that night, she has not returned home.  Cayo Correspondent, Fem Cruz has been following the case.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent : The family of missing 19 year old Adamir Choc have been desperately searching for their loved one. The family members have been saying that they are not getting the support from the police department so this morning they gathered at the police station seeking answers. Elvira Choc, the mother, spoke to Love News.
Elvira Choc, Mother of missing teen: “We still have no suspects because then we are just trying to get more footage.”
Reporter:  So some footage was shown to the family this morning by police.
Elvira Choc, Mother of missing teen: “Yes sir. We still can’t identify the person that took my daughter but it can show us that someone took her.”
Reporter:  From where?
Elvira Choc, Mother of missing teen: “From the chair of Stars it showed that someone took my daughter.”
Reporter: Ma’am after seven days and finally the family have an audience with the police now what will the family do after this ? The search continues? What will be the plan?
Elvira Choc, Mother of missing teen: “Well we will continue to search and we will continue to work along with the police because then we can’t do anything on our own because we hope we get to find out who that person is and if this person is hearing please, I’m begging you to tell you where you left my daughter. I’m begging you, she is a human being please return her to me. Please tell me the whereabouts of my daughter. I know you are hearing what is happening and you know that you took my daughter please return my daughter to me that is all I’m begging. “

Crime Stoppers has issued a Missing Person’s bulletin asking that they be contacted at 922 by persons who have information in locating Adamir Choc.