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Search for Kelvin Usher continues

Seventeen-year-old Kelvin Keyon Jahiem Usher remains missing and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance have raised numerous suspicions of foul play on the part of the police. For starters, Usher was along with his father 41-year-old Cameron Kelvin Usher who was arrested and charged with cultivation of marijuana on Sunday. Now while the police issued a report on that incident, the report did not mention that Usher’s son was with him. The report stated only that the Gang Suppression Unit received information of a marijuana plantation at Lucky Strike Village and when they arrived there they found Usher of Sibun Street, Belize City in the middle of the plantation. The plantation contained approximately one hundred and fifty marijuana plants which, along with some farming equipment, were destroyed. Usher was charged at the Queen Street Police Station. Family members later filed an official report for the missing teen on Monday at the Ladyville Police Station. The search for him, however, started since Sunday night, when family members realized he did not make it out of the forest. It continued on Monday and today. Dalila Ical reports.