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Search for the Body of Emir Cansino Continues in Belize City

A family in Belize City is still on the search for their missing loved one. What started as a night out with friends ended in Emir Cansino Junior missing. While his family continues to search for his body, they cling to the last ounce of hope that he is still alive. Reporter, Giovanna Moguel, has the latest.Giovanna Moguel, Love FM News: The Cansino family still have their hearts in their throats as they anxiously continue to search for 20 year old Emir Cansino Jr. It is a distressing time for the family and friends as they have received several leads to where his body could possibly be but they all lead to dead ends. It has been four days since anyone last saw Cansino Jr. While a missing person’s report has been issued, there are no official reports that Cansino Jr. was killed. His disappearance has left his family puzzled. His father, Emir Cansino Sr., says this type of behaviour is not normal for his son. 

Emil Cansino Sr. Father of Missing Person:“He was different with different crowds of friends that he had but then we don’t know which one of the friends and we don’t have his phone to go through his phone to see which one of the persons because we don’t know where they live, so we can’t, and we don’t know their names. But to us, he wasn’t a trouble maker or anything. He doesn’t even have a police record or a police report saying he harmed or did anybody anything because he was a nice person. He was a helping person, a friendly person so I don’t know why they would want to do him anything. Probably they just envied or hated the man.” 

Giovanna Moguel, Love FM News: Cansino Sr. says his son was last publicly seen on Sunday when he attended Park Fest at Digi Pak in Belize City and after leaving Park Fest, went to a friend’s house on Baymen Avenue. A team of nurses from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) staff where Cansino’s mother, Sheryl Jones, works led a search spanning hours into the evening. However, it was futile. Initially, Cansion Sr. was told that his son was seen leaving his friends house at 4 a.m. on his bike. However, he says now he’s being told otherwise. The desperate father says he’s once again back at square one. 

Emil Cansino Sr. Father of Missing Person: “Well the information. I don’t really want to say what kind of information but then it’s like, you’re getting all kinds of stories so then it’s like you have to try and decide and find out which one you will take to decide to move off from. Well some people said for us to check the Western Highway because they said it’s mostly that side they just dash the body, no? But then you just have to go and by now with the heat, we’ll see if probably the body decomposed or swelled to see if we see any signs or o things that can lead us to the body. No?”

Giovanna Moguel, Love FM News: The missing person’s report was filed by Sheryl Jones after not healing from her son for 24 hours. Police responded to the report and assisted the search team. Cansino Sr. said, however, that after following several unsuccessful leads the police, unlike them, are giving up. 

Emil Cansino Sr. Father of Missing Person: “Well we want to do that. Yes we are asking for that. We already told the police we want that but then like the police they have their own way how they move and we’d appreciate we get information faster than usual no? So we just would hope that things move faster but at the end of the day, like, Belize is a life where everybody moves slowly and on their own speed. No? Well, like I said, I just want my baby back. It’s my only son and I’d want him to bury him and so.” 

Giovanna Moguel, Love FM News: Cansino Sr. stated that they will be leading another search party Thursday, May 5th 2022 along the Western Highway. They are appealing to the public to join in the search by contacting him at #501-672-8998. Reporting for Love News, Giovanna Moguel.