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Search intensifies for Belize City man reported missing

The search for Mark Pollard who has been missing continued today. Pollard was last seen last Monday, July 3 in the morning when he left his house in the city to go for a jog around five o’clock. He never returned home. The search for the 49 year old began on Wednesday last week, two days after he went missing. Close friends of Pollards were accompanied by members of the Special Patrol Unit, the South Side Strike Team and GSU as they continued to comb the area of the Phillip Goldson Highway where Pollard is suspected to have headed for his jog.

Dalila Ical reporting…
Pollard’s common law wife was the last to see him leave his house on the morning of July 3. That was around five o’clock. A friend of his later told the family that he spoke with Pollard on the Phillip Goldson Highway and that same person saw him around 6:20 at the roundabout connecting Chetumal Street and Fabers Road.

His trail goes cold from there – Pollard never returned home and no one has heard from him. His friends have been actively looking for him and today they were accompanied by police personnel. Jospeh Nuñez, a close friend of Pollard’s, says they have not been very successful in their search. They have however been picking up small bread crumbs as they follow his trail.

Joseph Nuñez – Friend
“So far all we have found is one piece of wood on Chetumal Street Bridge with what appeared to have been blood stains on it. It was handed over to the police for testing. Up to date we are still waiting for the forensic results from that. I spoke briefly with the police officer who is in charge of the search this morning and made mention to me that they checked the camera at A&R and that revealed that Mr. Pollard was actually on the Northern Highway at 5:10am but from there the police officers will be combing the area and checking establishments along the highway to see which route Mr. Pollard took.”

Early this morning, Nuñez and the search team combed the area between miles 8 and thirteen on the George Price Highway and proceeded to the Phillip Goldson Highway.

Joseph Nuñez – Friend
The Coast Guard has gone from the Belcan Bridge going towards the Haulover Bridge also coming down and they will be going up towards Burton Canal and we also have members of the police department here with us, the GSU Strike Team and the ABU. I just want to say thank you to them for coming out and giving us a helping hand because we really need that so today we will comb every area between A&R all the way up to the Haul Over Bridge and if we can go further we will. It will be a very intensive search, rain or no rain we will be out here.”
Pollard’s family and friends are trying to remain optimistic but they are also bracing for the worst.

Joseph Nuñez – Friend
At this time it has been eight days so basically we don’t want to be negative about it but life is for real but we are still optimistic and hopeful that maybe we could find him alive but even so if we find his body we will do that to give the family closure because at the end of the day the family really needs closure.

But who would want to harm the 49 year old, self employed? Nunez says he has no clue.

Joseph Nuñez – Friend
To the best of my knowledge I know him to be straight up guy. Mr.Pollard has no enemies to the best of my knowledge I can put my head on the block for that. Mr.Pollard is a nice dude he doesn’t mess with people so for anyone to do him this it was uncalled for.

The search team is expected to receive reinforcements tomorrow. Members of the Belize City Council and some employees will meet with the team in to morning to join the search efforts.